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Add some wit and whimsy to your work area with stationery and art from Providence's DWRI Letterpress


Whether you do the whole 9-5 thing from a cubicle, corner desk, or whatever room at home you’ve claimed as your own office, you could probably use a little something to help get you through the day. Providence based DWRI Letterpress makes prints, posters, stationery, and pencils that can add some much needed character – and sense of humor – to your work day world.

Beyonce Pencil Set
Emblazoned with the words of Queen Bey, these pencils are a sure way to spark up any memos, reminders, or lists. Why they come with erasers remain a mystery, because erasers are for mistakes and Beyonce is flawless. For extra fun, go old school and use them to scribble on DWRI’s low tech “eye pad.”

Beach Please Poster
It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, and that somewhere is the beach. This handy map of the Ocean State’s sandiest points will have you running down the clock in style. Next time your co-worker pops by on their way out and asks if you want anything anything, point here and declare “Beach, please!”

Moon Phase Calendar

The ultimate deja vu is an endless cycle of meetings. For the sake of your sanity, and to have some fun at yoru coworkers' expense, stop scheduling meetings around days and start using the lunar cycle… unless you think that will just inspire a meeting about the virtues of switching to a lunar model. Oof.