Not Too Serious

Creating fashion with a local artist


Tell me about your handbags.
I’ve been making bags for ten years. They’re functional art objects. This iPad case is a photograph that I digitally printed onto canvas. It has a piece of rubberized bacon on the flap. It’s the same process that I use to make my art; I just frame it in a bag instead of a picture frame. I get to make people happy.

What’s your definition of style?
Good style doesn’t take itself too seriously, and doesn’t set out to depress the people who seek to own it because it’s so serious or carries such status. Great style is not about consumerism or trends. It’s about seamlessly integrating what’s inside of you and what’s outside of you.

Tell me about this outfit.
This outfit is all from Providence. It’s my style, but it’s totally local. The shoes are Y3 from Sneaker Junkies on Thayer. I wear them all the time. The pants are from Nordstrom, True Religion. The top is Pretty Snake. I’m obsessed with sweaters and cats – designer Joe Segal has blended the two. I will be wearing this sweater out this year. My glasses are from Providence Optical. I’m in need of a frame intervention.

What’s your personal style?
I do not want to be an archetype (hipster, steam-punk, any label) or a parody of myself. I’m in on the joke – I’m not oblivious to looking like a weirdo. I want to bring together the things that are around me and to collage them in an actively creative process, as opposed to consuming packages that are sold together. Each piece is brought together from very different locations. I try to be clever.

I hear you’ve got a runway show for January StyleWeek.
It’s a big secret. It’s my ten year anniversary collection. It’s going to be a memorable event that will kick off what is going to be a very big year.