(Not So) Run of the Mill

Well appointed mill living


About the Homeowners
Henry Tingley and Margaret Rancourt live in Calendar Mills in Olneyville. Henry is the assistant manager at Frog and Toad on Hope Street; Margaret is a designer for L’Image Jewelry.

1. We’re the only ones in the mill who have a spiral staircase. Each unit is a little different. It’s all original flooring from when the building was a mill.

2. Margaret was a sculpture major. That octopus was one of her installations. It’s all hand-sewn felt with wax poured on top.

3. That’s a wall of inspiration for our studio space. If Margaret finds an image she likes, she’ll put it up on that wall. Cindy Sherman is up there; she’s one of her favorite artists.

4. The hammock was a gift from my boss. I put it up as a joke that wasn’t going to stay, but it’s really comfortable and divides the room nicely.

5. That’s Louise’s cage. She’s a house trained black rabbit. There was a sign on a telephone pole saying someone was giving her away, and I really love rabbits. The Warren artist Will Schaff did a paper cut of Louise as a gift for me. He’s my favorite artist.

6. The throw is from Frog and Toad. Margaret made the pillows and the slip cover.