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No Beef With Vegan Flavors

by CHLOE arrives in Providence with a scrumptious, plant-based menu


On paper, by CHLOE is an up-market vegan restaurant. The genre is known as “fast-casual,” but by CHLOE is no suburban drive-through: the eatery debuted only three years ago in Manhattan, and it’s already won a voracious fan base, popping up in fashionable parts of Boston, Los Angeles, and even London. This January, Thayer Street joined the list of by CHLOE’s hip locations.

What’s the draw? Brilliantly textured salads, burgers that taste better than meat, plant-based ice creams, and a flair for millennial culture. All by CHLOE restaurants have funky decor and a row of peppy cashiers, but each has unique elements as well. In Providence, it’s the seating: two bamboo chairs are suspended from the ceiling, beckoning passersby with their playful tie-dye cushions.

“Our chefs worked for over a year to create a diverse menu of delicious plant-based fare,” says Samantha Wasser, founder of by CHLOE. “We thought about everything from how to make our food delicious for everyone, to how each dish would photograph on the table surfaces, to the graphic wallpaper in the bathrooms that would make the perfect selfie.”