Nick-A-Nees vs Celtic Pub

It's the final round of Dive Bar Madness! Vote in the comments below for who you think is the best Dive Bar.



75 South Street, Providence

It’s a dog bar, has great live music with attentive crowds and a shelf with free books for the taking. Oh, and did we mention it’s a dog bar? A crown jewel of the Jewelry District, Nick-A-Nee's is cash only so make sure your pup brings some dough. 75 South Street, Providence

Keno: No
Bonus kitsch: “Entering Webster” sign and a giant swordfish above the bar. 

Celtic Pub

755 Broadway, Pawtucket

When we overheard someone announce with great hubris “I made Fireball fudge!” we knew we were in a solid spot. Several tube-style TVs adorn the walls for your viewing enjoyment and a window AC unit will surely cool you from that Fireball fudge (if you’re lucky enough to snag a bite before it vanishes). 755 Broadway, Pawtucket

Keno: No
Bonus kitsch: A working cigarette machine! Plus the nod to law enforcement with the various Police Department badges on display behind the bar.