Neutrinos Rock News Cafe for the Holidays

The band doubles down on the signature sound of their debut release for their annual holiday show in Pawtucket


In a constant state of self-proclaimed “caffeine-induced anxiety,” Neutrinos come blasting out of the gates with perhaps the most quirky, in-your-face EP of the year. Johnny Neutrino, Preston, Slick Nick and Andy Anxiety present Surf Cult, which does exactly what an EP needs to do on Bandcamp: it makes a definitive statement of everything the band stands for before a listener can wander onto another band’s page. Neutrinos bring poignant humor and wit to straightforward rock and roll that is equal parts Dick Dale and The Clash or, in the words of Slick Nick, “two parts Oprah, one part Kenny Wayne Sheperd.”

What is apparent in any Neutrinos song is that the band fully enjoys the music they play. “All it really has ever been about is just having fun,” Johnny Neutrino says. “We blend the tones and sounds of genres whose whole ideologies is just be yourself and do what you love.”

A good EP aside, it is the band’s live show that brings everything together. “Passion makes or breaks it between the band and its fans,” Andy Anxiety says. “If a band goes up there and has a blast, then the people feed off that and it becomes a true cult following.”

It is this kind of following that has made Neutrinos’ first two holiday shows a success. On December 10, they will be hosting their third.

“Pretty much every year, we throw a holiday show at the News Café in Pawtucket Rock City and give everyone presents,” Preston says, “which are usually various candies, a yule log DVD and cans of rare [read: probably expired] soda from my personal stash.” The promise of old soda aside, it’s definitely time to get out, get moving and get
onboard with Neutrinos.

Third Annual Holiday Show • December 10
News Café • 43 Broad Street, Pawtucket