Dining Out

More Fresh Food On the Go

Local, seasonal food and a bicycle powered pudding pop cart take to the streets


It seems like every other month we’re reporting on A) another food truck, B) another interesting local Kickstarter campaign or C) a Kickstarter campaign for a new food truck. Well, here we go again, but we haven’t gotten so jaded as to lack enthusiasm for Radish, the self-proclaimed “Farmer’s Food Truck.” Four students launched the effort to bring healthy, farm fresh food on the go to College Hill, and they’re well on their way to doing it. First, they won an entrepreneurship competition at Johnson and Wales, where Executive Chef Danny Do and Founder/CEO Timothy Silva are students; then, they exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $5250 to refurbish the truck and bring it up to code. The project was funded as of April 5, and their goal is to hit the road May 5. They will offer a seasonal menu heavy on local ingredients, including banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Hungarian goulash, Signature Herb Fries and the vague but promising “nightly pancakes.” We look forward to seeing Radish out on the road; for updates and locations, visit whereisradish.tumblr.com.

Also in May, be on the lookout for PVD Pudding Pops. The pedal cart – complete with a light-up popsicle – is expected to be on the streets May 1, peddling (sorry for the pun) pops in a variety of flavors ranging from your basics like vanilla and butterscotch, to local favorites like coffee milk, to “seasonal and experimental” flavors. All pops will be made with Rhody Fresh milk and “pronounceable ingredients.” Follow twitter.com/PVDpops for more info.