The Look

Mix Master

Kreatelier’s in-house senior design consultant Pernilla Frazier on her dress code rules and combining cute with cool


"My style can best be described as something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (or yellow, red, or green). I love color and mixing patterns and textures. My husband once summarized my style as ‘Little House on the Prairie punk,’ a quote from Transparent. I grew up in Sweden where people dress in a fairly monochromatic way with an emphasis on famous brands. Sometimes, I think my style is a result of those two things.

When looking for a piece of clothing, I go for either a fun pattern or a solid-colored piece, a three-dimensional interest — an asymmetrical feature, fun buttons, or interesting detail. 

I live and breathe colors, textures, and fabrics and apply the same rules to my dress code as to my decorating style. I like to be irreverent and unpredictable, and pair a vintage piece with something modern. I love cute dresses, but always make sure to combine it with not-too-cute accents. Boots and Doc Martens look great with a floral dress and there is nothing prettier than lots of pearls paired with jeans. 

I use the same handbag until it is worn and wear a few pieces of custom jewelry that I alternate between. I love big and chunky choker necklaces. Wendy Baker, a local jewelry designer, is my absolute favorite and has made some special pieces using my grandmother’s jewelry.

Most of my clothes are purchased in second-hand stores. It’s like treasure hunting (I also love antiquing) and find interesting pieces for a bargain. I love the store Anthropologie, but mostly go for inspiration.

Summer is my least favorite time of the year since I don’t like the heat. I wear sleeveless dresses or skinny pants with flowy tops, dreaming of fall when I can wear more layers. I also wear a lot more white, somehow thinking that it cools me down."