City Life

Cyclists, Rise

May is Bike Month and packed with be-spoke events for cyclists of all ages


May is Bike Month, and with that comes a lineup of events that are – ahem – geared towards encouraging citizens of all ages and genders to embrace cycling culture. Workshops and classes will be offered throughout the month on bike maintenance and responsible cycling habits, and cyclists can join in on group rides like Bike to Breakfast and the Ride of Silence, which raises awareness for cyclists’ rights to the road. But the flagship event is Bike to Work Day on May 19, which is exactly what it sounds like. Fun fact: Mayor Elorza rides his bike to work, like, all the time. We don’t care how busy you are. If the mayor of a capital city can ride his bike to work, so can you.

Adding to this year’s cause for celebration are planned improvements to bike paths and infrastructure all over the state. In March, state officials announced a number of bike-related projects that will be funded with $10 million from the $35 million Green Economy Bond, which Rhode Island voters agreed to on last November’s ballot. Among the projects announced are three extensions to the Blackstone Bikeway totaling $4.1 million that will add more than 2.5 miles to the bikeway.