Local Flavor

The official state drink goes all natural


When a native Rhode Islander is asked to name things distinctive to our state, he’s sure to mention coffee syrup (in addition to stuffed quahogs and Newport Creamery, of course). It’s rich, it’s sweet and it’s oh so delicious – at any time of the year. Uncle Matty’s Coffee Syrup would be the first to agree. The East Providence-based company points out that, in fact, coffee milk was made the official state drink in 1993. Their product is all-natural and mixes well with ice cold milk, iced coffee or (if you’re so inclined) a cocktail.

The locally-made coffee syrup can be purchased at several stores in the general Providence vicinity including Whole Foods in Cranston, Eastside Marketplace and Eastside Mart in Providence, Buckets General Store and Schroders Catering in East Providence and Shores Market in North Providence. If you’re a true Rhode Islander and a ten minute drive is considered a road trip, don’t fret – Uncle Matty’s is also available online.