Local Adventure Is in Store

Finding the right gear for any expedition at Hope Artiste


Downcity Outfitters is a high-end boutique for men and women that opened in 2013. Formerly housed on Washington Street, where the store focused on men’s clothing, accessories, and outdoor gear, they expanded in 2015 with a move to Hope Artiste Village. They now offer women’s clothing and accessories as well as a large variety of outdoor supplies.

The store’s unique offerings range from Tory Burch handbags and Yeti coolers to backpacks for both the casual user and the avid adventurer… and even hammocks. The boutique also hosts community-based events and projects: they teamed up with The North Face this past winter to sponsor a local music series and plan to launch a mobile kiosk that will visit colleges and businesses across the state.

So if you need to find a fancy handbag for your mom or to replace that pair of super comfy flip-flops you’ve had forever, Downcity might be worth a visit. You don’t even have to deal with the mall.

Downcity Outfitters
999 Main Street #712, Pawtucket • 228-3477