Lila Delman Realtor on the Rise to Year's Top R.I. Agent

Lori Joyal is on track for the second year as R.I.'s highest producing agent


Lila Delman Real Estate International is known far and wide as a premier brokerage house, in part because of their reputation for stellar customer service, and in part because of their team of talented and dedicated agents. One agent, though, rises above the rest. Lori Joyal, managing broker of Lila Delman’s Watch Hill office, was the top producing agent in Rhode Island in 2016, bringing in an astonishing $66.8 million in total sales volume that year. And while the 2017 numbers won’t be finalized until the end of this month, Lori is on track to top that list again this year, with an estimated $80 million in sales.

“People often ask me how I do what I do at the pace I do it,” Lori says. The answer: hard work, and a commitment to delivering the best possible service to her clients. “The whole real estate industry is based on customer service. Whatever I do, I have my clients’ best interest in mind. It’s not about the sale. It’s about the relationship.”

Lori uses her background in Human Resources, and the customer service skills she learned there, with clients every day, no matter how large or small their budget. “When the phone rings, I answer it. When I get an email or a text, I answer it within an hour. It’s about delivering what you say you’re going to deliver,” she says. “That’s customer service.” She also keeps in mind the lessons her parents gave her, and uses them every day. “I feel like my parents are in my heart and mind every moment. Do the right thing, and it will pay you back dividends in your life.”

While she topped the market last year, Lori’s sales volume has been among the top three agents in the state for the past five years, and Lori has been named as one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents by REAL Trends. “There is no crystal ball in projecting market trends,” Lori says. “Stock portfolios have been increasing, and many want to put their money into a stable, tangible investment,” like a home or a second home. “Discretionary, second home buyers are looking for capital preservation and a future return on investment,” she says. “That is what real estate offers. I see the demand for our beautiful Ocean State continuing.”

While it’s commonly held that Lila Delman Real Estate International only focuses on large ticket properties, much of Lori’s volume comes from modest home sales.“The reason we are the premier real estate agency in the state is because of our dedication to all customers,” she says. “All our properties receive the same level of service, regardless of price point.” That personal relationship, which often results in a friendship, is what’s most important to Lori. “The most endearing comment I got from a client was that she felt she was my only client,” she says. “That is my ultimate goal.”

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