City Life

The Wildest Variety Show in Town

The musical and comedy free-for-all Larry's Lounge Variety Show returns to the Parlour on December 21


It feels like a cop-out to say that The Larry’s Lounge Variety Show defies description, but there it is. Sure, the description is right there in the name – it’s a variety show, dude, don’t overthink it – but that doesn’t do it justice. Larry’s Lounge is anarchy, a free-wheeling display of inspired weirdness. The last Larry’s Lounge show in August included standup comics and musicians, but also a Pee-wee Herman–themed burlesque (I’ll never look at Paul Reubens the same way again), bonkers video shorts and a staged altercation involving a prop glass bottle that left half the crowd speechless and the other half scared out of their minds. All the while, the house band, the Apex Players, gleefully performed cheesy lounge-style renditions of notable TV ad jingles. It was an evening of must-see madness.

The Larry’s Lounge Variety Show returns to the Parlour for their third show of the year on December 21. Brace yourself for something wilder than your average showcase.