Kristin Hersh Releases New Solo Album

The founding member of Throwing Muses releases her latest solo effort, complete with an accompanying book of artwork and prose


Kristin Hersh, founder of Providence’s seminal alt-rock band Throwing Muses, is back with a new solo record. Recorded in Portsmouth, RI and accompanied by a 64 page book, the double length Wyatt at the Coyote Palace – due out on November 11 from publisher Overlook Omnibus – is a staggering epic of love and brushes with death.

Following the model laid out by Throwing Muses’ Purgatory/Paradise and her last solo album, Crooked, both released as book/album combos, Kristin is exploring what it means to be a storyteller across multiple fronts. The book that accompanies Wyatt… contains prose and artwork alongside the album’s lyrics, offering a simultaneous look into the mind of the artist.

The Wyatt of the book and album’s title is Kristin’s son, and the Coyote Palace is exactly that – an abandoned building overtaken by wild coyotes that her son was obsessed with for a time.

“The coyotes live with discarded mattresses and teapots and old books people left behind when they moved out,” Kristin explains. “Wyatt was fascinated by this process and this place: he filmed it in the snow, in the summer heat and spring mists while I recorded these songs.”

The album, which spans 24 songs, should be warm, familiar territory for fans of Kristin’s work as a solo performer and with Throwing Muses. Marked by her signature guitar sounds and powerful lyrics, Wyatt at the Coyote Palace creates a stunning sonic sense of place. The addition of cellos, piano and horns, all played by Kristin, reinforce the powerful themes at work throughout the record, creating a deeply moving work that all but demands to be taken in in a single sitting. Pour yourself a cup of tea, open the book and let this record wash over you.