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Kreatelier Helps Create a Serene Space

In need of some home inspiration, Kate and Doug Bosch enlisted Line and Pernilla at Kreatelier for interior design guidance, and the result is colorful and unique


1. The felt leaf garlands are a fall decoration that I made a few years ago. I like to add a little something different to the room for each season or holiday.

The yellow sculpture leaning against the wall was done by my husband, Doug Bosch. We love to change things around in the house, so we experiment with putting his latest works in different places in the house.

The paper on the wall is a drawing done by my six-year-old daughter. We use tacky stuff or clothes pins to temporarily display the kids’ art around the house.

. I have lots of old story records from when I was a child, so instead of spending time digitizing them, I bought an inexpensive record player and let my kids have fun playing the old records.

The needlepoint pillows on the couch were made by my mother whose handiwork is so fine that the reverse looks almost as good as the front! The little abstract pillow is made from a scribbly picture that one of my daughters drew when she was a toddler.

The couch is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It’s a vintage piece that we bought from Studio Hop – then I went to Kreatelier, where Line and Pernilla reupholstered it in this amazing chenille fabric.