Knightsville Pub vs. McShawn's Pub

Vote in the comments and decide which dive bar will move on to the next round of Dive Bar Madness!


Knightsville Pub

1669 Cranston Street, Cranston

They open at 7am every day. 'Nuff said. Knightsville Pub is filled with regulars who will make you feel immediately welcome. Stop by on a Saturday and you might score a hot dog cooked in beer which you must pair with an Apple Pie shot before a game of pool. 1669 Cranston Street, Cranston

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: Need to call Mom? Uber? An Uber-Driving Mom? Look no further than the working payphone. 

McShawn’s Pub

1336 Cranston Street, Cranston

When one of your bartenders is named Mo and you have a square Cheers-like bar, you’re set up to be a popular local watering hole. At McShawn’s, bar tabs are kept on slips of blank white paper and the cheese plate is served on plastic picnic-style plates, just the way it should be. 1336 Cranston Street, Cranston

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: The McShawn’s Hi-Lo-Jack trophy and an “Irish
Mafia” photo.