PVD Gear

Keep Your Hood Up

Finally, you can wear a cape without getting funny looks


How many days have you spent running into the office with a purse, binder, pizza box, or whatever you may scrounge up to insufficiently cover your head? How about those pesky puddles making it look like someone viciously attacked you with a water-gun of muddy water? Well, now there’s an easy solution to your rainy day blues.

The people of Providence are eating up a newly launched line of rainwear. Proudly PVD-made, Cleverhood rain capes are inspired by the Slow Bicycle Movement, a push for more sustainable traveling and promotion of bike culture. Cleverhoods are tailor-made for downtown walkers and bikers. It’s urban fashion meets high-performance rainwear.

Owner Susan Mocarski has clearcut central ideas for her line: locally made, high-quality, sustainable and fashionable. The line has already been featured at fashion shows in NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Portland. Pick one up for yourself and never be caught in that famously unpredictable New England weather again.