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Just Peachy

The menu at KG KitchenBar is always changing, especially behind the bar


KG KitchenBar is exactly that: a dynamic kitchen and a feisty little bar. The corner bistro was already a major Hope Street destination by the time Chef Kevin Gaudreau took the place over in early 2017. The KitchenBar mission remained intact – to showcase innovative new dishes and drinks – yet the menu changes constantly, especially behind the bar.

Shane Hauck started bartending only after Gaudreau took over, and the job has been his chance to try new things. Trained at Johnson & Wales, Hauck brings a chef’s sensibility to his elaborate cocktails. “I can tie my culinary knowledge into more flavor profiles,” he says. “Not everything works, but it helps you experiment.”

Case in point: Hauck’s peach cocktail starts with five whole peaches, which are halved and cored. He coats the slices with sugar, grills them, and mixes the fruit in a blender with lemon juice, mint leaves, and Schnapps. This purée is then combined with bourbon and a splash of ginger ale. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make this very same cocktail at home, but Hauck is also happy to make it for you, along with the rest of the bar’s seasonal oeuvres. 771 Hope Street