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The Look: Andrea Valentini

The Providence handbag designer talks statement pieces and the perfect fit


"A fabulous pair of sunglasses, boots and a statement bag are all storytellers. I believe in investing in statement pieces that are the bones of the wardrobe and define one’s overall interests and opinions about the world.

I typically wear black because I feel comfortable in solids, and it flatters your skin tone any time of year. It’s classic: timeless, yet modern, edgy and chic. Beyond color, fit and fabric are key to good construction, like the skin on the bones, and the fabric needs to lie on the body and move organically inside and out. This tailored asymmetrical blazer from Cladin in Wayland Square gives me a feeling of comfort, sensibility, security and empowerment. I am wearing my favorite vintage Givenchy boots that I found in a consignment shop in Rome, which are a half size too big, but I couldn’t resist the style. As for jewelry, I’m comfortable in a few delicate pieces at the moment.

I dress according to how I feel when I wake up in the morning and what I plan to do that day. The feel of the fabric is a part of that decision. My style is classically modern, and I prefer innovative materials that move with the body yet protect it, and will look good today as well as 20 years from now.

New England is the best place to experience a good hardy autumn and I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be. There is sensuality about crisp, dry, sweet-smelling air that fills my head with warm thoughts of childhood and home. I love the colors, textures and layering options that the season brings to style an outfit."