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Inside the Agroterra Photography Studio

Get some workspace inspiration from the Jewelery District


Lisa Gendron is the owner of Agroterra Photography and Agroterra Birth, where she focuses on maternity and baby photography. Her studio is located in a converted mill in the Jewelry District.

One of the main criteria for my spaces is no surprise: light. Although I photograph with strobes during some times of day, when able I love to shoot with natural light. Like many photographers, it is an obsession for me.

2. I use these birch wood hooks and clothesline to display some of my favorite baby hats. I specialize in maternity and baby photography and I curate a beautiful collection of textiles and other soft and comfortable props to utilize when photographing babies and women. My whole studio is designed with an emphasis on comfort and beauty.

3. This couch is a great favorite. It’s a piece that makes you feel lovely as soon as you sit on it. I love it for boudoir shoots and especially maternity perfect complement to the natural beauty of women. I call it my fainting couch: think Betty Draper.

4. Every client that comes into my studio falls for this piece of simple fur- niture. It’s cotton and wood framing. Hammocks have such a lovely connotation for most relaxation and simplicity. This piece I ordered from Europe; it’s made by a company called Amazonas.

5. The carved wooden bowl is used as a prop for swaddled newborn shots. I tend to collect pieces with natural fibers, wood, cotton, merino wool and cashmere. It’s all about the handcrafted natural beauty.