The Look

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Flaunt Boutique's Amanda Doumato shows off her style


Tell me about your store.
We opened in March of 2008 and carry women’s accessories. It’s really fun and I love it, especially because I get to go to all the accessory shows. I try to find unique pieces you can’t find everywhere and even try to attend shows in Las Vegas so that I incorporate West Coast style; it takes forever for those styles to hit the East Coast. I also feature jewelry and handbag designers from Providence; most of the lines I carry are eco-friendly or give back in some way.

How are your pieces unique?
Different materials, different styles. The newest line I picked up is Providence’s House of Cach. They use acrylic, natural stone and feathers. They have the craziest cuff bracelets made with lambskin and feathers that I can’t keep in stock. I also design pieces. I’ve created an exclusive Italian-themed bracelet called “Ciao Baby,” which I designed with Angela Moore and is sold exclusively in my store.

Describe your personal style.
I can be funky. I tend to layer and wear a lot of black. Actually, my whole wardrobe is different shades of gray and black. I bring in color with a scarf or bracelet, or with purple in my hair. When I go visit my cousin in New York, she always makes me remove one item before we can leave to go out. On any given day I base what I’m wearing around my shoes – they’re not comfortable – either stilettos or boots. I’m not shy. I might wear things that are a little outrageous. I have calfskin leather booties, leopard print, with a six-inch wedge. I have no shame. Tell me they’re hideous, I don’t care – I’m going to wear it.

Jewelry or shoes? Make the choice.
Oh my God, shoes! It’s my hobby. People collect things; I collect shoes. I buy them to look at. I probably have half a dozen pairs that I’ve never even worn. I could wear a black t-shirt and jeans every day and with different shoes, I’ll always look different.

Tell me about this outfit.
This is an everyday wear-to-work look. I don’t get super dressed up for work. If I wanted to dress for something more fancy, I would probably wear leggings with a long top and something with more sparkle, like crystals or beading.

How do you stay stylish in cold weather?
Winter is actually one of my favorite times of year because of all the options. In the summer, the less clothing the better, but in the winter you can accessorize so much more. I wear lots of scarves and hats – I have a fake fur leopard hat with a fake leather band that I love – and booties. I love living in New England with the change of seasons. If it were warm all year I would get bored.