Home Profile: Retro Meets Modern

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1. I love all things nostalgic. These are retro Hasbro games – it’s when products were substantial and durable. The games are a throwback to a simpler time: Mystery Date, Twister, Spirograph and Lite Brite. They are all products I work on at Hasbro.

2. This is what my husband calls the “Captain’s Chair.” It’s a beautiful mid-century Danish-style arm chair, has a beautiful patina and is perfect for feeling like you’re on Mad Men.

3. This total hipster piece is where technology and analog meet. It’s a vintage Apple computer monitor planter made by Nidal Fakhouri at Fakhouri Pottery in Providence. Mine has butterflies and dancing ladies on it – that’s how I beat away the wintertime blues!

4. I have an obsession with the ‘50s and TV sets. This is an “As Seen on TV Mirror.” Modeled after TV sets from the ‘50s, this 11’x17’ mirror is made of birch plywood, laser cut and then silkscreened. It comes in wood finishes and throwback colors.

5. You Can Go To Hell... I’m Going to Pawtucket! I “heart” this poster. It says everything about the grit and edge of being a Rhode Islander. I got it from Frog and Toad on Hope Street.

6. As a trumpet player in the Extraordinary Rendition Band, we participate in street marching band festivals across the country. But this ain’t your momma’s average kind of band. This is a DIY band from the music to the outfits.