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Home Profile: A Creative Space on the East Side

Low key chic near Wayland Square


1. We love having worldly objects in our home. These two weavings were given to us by my grandmother who collected these on her travels. They remind us to always dream and travel, and they bring that adventurousness into our home.

2. This is a little piece of childhood. My husband grew up with this New Yorker cover hanging on his wall. Over the years and the moves the poster was lost, but this past year his sister was able to track down a copy of the poster and it again has a presence in our life. It is a pretty funny poster, a view of the world from Manhattan where there is not much beyond Manhattan.

3. You would assume that I own a bunch of my own furniture pieces but in actuality I produce and sell the work to make a living, so very little has come home with me. For our wedding, my parents conspired with my employees to produce pieces for our home under a made-up client’s name so that I would not suspect. We received three pieces that we live with and love!

4. One of my closest friends from college’s mother produces these ceramic pieces that I’ve always loved. As a gift we received two pieces that we treasure and have prominently on display in our home. We love art and these are first of the some day collection we hope to have throughout our home.

5. This Charles and Ray Eames fiberglass chair encompasses my love for midcentury modernity, material engineering and timeless aesthetics. Charles and Ray Eames worked with materials and manufacturing methods that were developed or being used in innovative ways during WWII. After the war there was an abundance of new manufacturing methods that other industries adopted, in this case the furniture industry. For me this piece is a record of its time and the ingenuity of these two designers, and still has relevance today.