Herbal Essences

Earth comes first at Lily’s Garden Herbals


In 1999, Kim Falcone continued her family’s line of “herb wives” and created Lily’s Garden Herbals – named, at the insistence of her six-year-old daughter, after their late kitten, Lily.

“I had become enthralled with the therapeutic properties of medicinal herbs like echinacea and peppermint, and essential oils like lavender and rosemary, and realized I could help my kids’ health issues and clean and freshen my home with them,” Falcone remembers. So, she finished her first herbal apprenticeship and traded brand-name chlorine bleach products for all-natural ingredients.

“I trust and believe in deriving health from nature because that’s where we all come from,” Falcone explains. “All life comes from the earth itself. So, when we used plant-based materials for healing and cleaning, our bodies can relate. That is, our bodies innately know how to process the constituents in the plant. This results in a natural healing reaction, whether it’s to fend off germs, build the body’s immune response, or to nourish, through foods derived directly from the earth.”

As a community herbalist and business owner, Falcone runs a one-woman show, gathering herbs and flowers and crafting each product herself. She is also available as a consultant for natural health. “I feel empowered that I can make a difference in my life and the lives of others, whether it be via herbal medicine, switching over to green cleaning products for the home after years of using chemicals, or offering support to the community,” she says.

Lily’s offers everything you could possibly need for health and home: household supplies like glass cleaner and furniture polish, remedies like poison ivy tincture and chest and sinus rub, and scent spritzers. Every product, per the store’s promise, is all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, biodegradable, and not to mention aromatic. The most popular product is Lily’s Garden Herbals All Purpose Clean, a fresh-scented solution with essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus.

Since its conception, Lily’s operated out of a quaint but charming “Cottage in the Garden” in Wakefield, but it is now on the move with its owner, whose family has transitioned to a new home near Moonstone Beach. While Falcone was sad to leave the site, she knows “that special energy” will follow Lily’s no matter in which coastal town it lands. Says Falcone, “I’m looking forward to getting my supplies and work area all set up once again, so I can pick up where I left off serving the community the best way I know.”