Her Own Domaine

Custom pieces for all personalities sparkle at Domaine Designs


Domaine Designs is a world of jewels tucked into Imperial Place. Mindy Wachtenheim opened Domaine as a spin-off from a long-time family jewelry store, when she started selling some of her overstock and custom pieces at their Providence showroom. What you can find at Domaine Designs today still reflects Wachtenheim’s ties to the industry – she offers items at all price points, and often much lower than the tags you’d find at other retailers. Some pieces, designed by Wachtenheim herself, feature pendants and necklaces that are sold separately so you can mix and match your perfect arrangement. Wachtenheim carefully curates her diverse selection because, as she says, “life is too short for boring jewelry.” The large space is also used for events and community outreach, so if you stop by, you may very well see something happening.

Domaine Designs
18 Imperial Place, Providence • 351-0253