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Have Your Cake and Store It, Too

The inventors at CakeSafe open headquarters in Peace Dale


Creating a multi-tiered wedding cake is the baker’s rite of passage. But once you’ve crafted the layers, shaped the fondant, and added the sugary garnish, the biggest challenge is yet to come: moving it safely from kitchen to banquet hall.

Way back in 1989, Juli Chapin was a professional cake-maker with exactly this problem. Her husband Scott put together a portable, durable container, and Juli was able to safely transport her masterpieces. Two decades later, the couple decided to market their invention as CakeSafe.

CakeSafe has been in operation since 2015, but the company recently celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Peace Dale. While most customers probably won’t find reason to visit, CakeSafe ships its products all over the world. For such a young company, the CakeSafe catalog is diverse: there’s the original CakeSafe box, a large, semi-transparent cube, as well as icing scrapers, weaving boards, turntables, and a shelved container for cupcakes.

Nearly as eclectic as their invention are the Chapins themselves: Juli studied gold- and silversmithing in New York City before coming to Rhode Island to enroll at Johnson & Wales. Scott studied biomedical engineering at Tufts and worked as an engineer for 16 years. If you’re wondering what their devices look like in action, the CakeSafe website is full of video tutorials starring professional bakers. Our favorite? Demonstrating the “airbrush spray booth” with Florida’s Two Fat Cookies. 1305B Kingstown Road, Wakefield