Get Ready for Sound Session

The music festival returns, July 12-15


It’s that time of the year again, and any excuse to dance in the streets (and not be the only one) is good enough for us. Sound Session 2012 runs July 12-15 (with preview events starting July 10) and, like last year, the streets of Downtown will soon be flooded with party people. Talented local artists are banding together to represent the independent music scene and share their passion with the community.

The four-day festival features jazz, gospel and rock music along with various street performances. Pat Braxton kicks things off at the Roots Cultural Center July 12 at 8pm, leading into the next day's lineup of local talents The Gnomes, Women in Docs, Original Jelly Roll Soul and more. To solidify the starting lineup, day three features DJ’s such as WBRU’s DJ Spin and Roots house DJ K-Luv. Highlights for the rest of the festival include street performers like Project 401 B-Boys and the Providence Roller Derby as well as a gospel buffet featuring Terrell Osborne.

Stages will be set up along Westminster Street, from Union to Matthewson, as well as inside Roots Cultural Center. “Kid City” in the Hotel Providence front yard will also have music and activities for both children and adults, including an arts workshop, dance workshop, and instruments to try on your own. Rock out with friends or bring your little ones – just come prepared to enjoy good music and a good time.