Frozen with Fear

A bizarre sort of new holiday tradition


Who doesn’t love getting your blood pumping on a winter day by taking a brisk walk, grabbing a bite to eat, warming up with cup of hot chocolate and then dropping a warm load in your pants after being scared half to death by The Scary Snowman?

Made famous by YouTube, The Scary Snowman has been hitting the streets all over Rhode Island and other parts of the country. Sitting on the sidewalk (usually on Thayer Street) in an unassuming, but kind of bomb, costume, this snowman entices you to approach it and even touch it. Suddenly, maybe as you start to walk away or as you walk by, it moves! The reactions range from a slight startle to a full-on scream. It’s hilarious watching grown men and women get rattled by a snowman. Next time you see him on Thayer Street, I suggest finding a comfy spot to sit and get some prime time people watching in.