City Life

The Game Never Stops at Free Play Arcade

Endless free plays let you master arcade classics on Pine Street without dropping a single quarter


Free Play Bar and Arcade on Pine Street is the latest arcade bar to hit the city. Seeing the cast of characters who greet you from more than 100 glowing cabinets is like picking up where you left off in the early ‘90s (Donkey Kong! Ms. Pac-Man! How are the kids?), while pinball machines, air hockey and skee-ball add some
analog antics to the mix. After a $5 door charge ($10 on Friday and Saturday), all games can be played for free, meaning you can put all those quarters towards craft beer and pizza. It’s pretty much everything you wished arcades were when you were a kid. The only thing missing (thankfully) is the exhausted parent telling you it’s time to leave.