Found Objects

Decorating with thrifted pieces


About the Homeowners
Stacey Doyle is an eclectic photographer who focuses mainly on people. She live in her multi-family home on the East Side, right on the cusp of Wayland Square and Fox Point.

1. The floral rug is from a thrift/antique store in Nantucket. I travel a lot, especially when I’m shooting weddings, so when I have time I travel around the locations and check out the local antique and thrift shops. Luckily I found this in Nantucket and was able to stow it on the ferry.

2. I got this marble top end table at Vinny’s Antiques in Seekonk, one of my absolute favorite antique stores. I’ve been going to Vinny’s since I was a teenager and would imagine the home I would one day have. The wood base has filigree cut into it, almost like a floral pattern. It has really lovely, graceful little legs.

3. I’m a huge thrift store and bargain shopper and lover of antique stores. I love finding things for less than it would cost off the shelf, like this Tiffany-inspired dragonfly lamp.

4. I love this bird. I used to work at Oop on Thayer, so anytime any pieces came in that I loved, I would save my money and buy them. This bird is made by an artist in Florida who would create these one of a kind works to sell and then use the proceeds to gamble. I love its weird quirky face and the fact that the artist made it because she wanted to go gambling.

5. When I first moved in I had a number of chairs and it seemed a little cluttered. At the time, it seemed that there was furniture all along the perimeter. There was nothing that broke it up to give give it a sense of a seating area. I found this at the Rhode Island Antiques Mall - another enormous and wonderful place to find great and interesting pieces. I really loved the lines.