At Home

For Art’s Sake

Vintage flair meets artistic inspiration in one beautiful room


About the Homeowner
Cathy Lund is the veterinarian at City Kitty. She lives in a historic home in South Providence.

1. Starting at the very top is the ceiling paint. Believe it or not, it is from the 1800s and fits the room perfectly.

2. Moving down we have turn-of-the-century embossed wallpaper call lincrusta, an exquisitely detailed and textured palate that creates the mood of this room.

3. Hanging on the wall at the top is Prairie Dwelling I by Denny Moers, an adjunct professor at Roger Williams University who received the Fellowship in Photography Award from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts three times.

4. Below is a piece from Sabrina Scolari, an Austrian native based in Rhode Island, who effortlessly captures emotion.

5. The sculpture adorning the mantle in front of the mirror is from Bob Rustermier who exhibits across New England the Czech Republic.

6. The table is set with all vintage dishes. The champagne glasses are from the 1930s and the plates are from the 1940s.