Fire Can't Stop Senior Discount

After frontman Chuck Staton's house burned down, local musicians rallied to put on a "benefit show"


A week and a half before Thanksgiving, Chuck Staton, frontman of local pop punk act Senior Discount lost almost everything when his house burned down. Fellow bands and musicians immediately reached out to offer support, even throwing around the idea of doing a benefit show. This makes sense, because Chuck is a super nice guy.

He's so nice in fact that the idea of having a fundraiser makes him a little uncomfortable. 

"We put together a benefit show for the night before Thanksgiving. However, we don't want money," said Chuck. "The show is free, and the benefit aspect is support from the RI music scene."

The lineup, which will feature Jenn Lombari of Lucky United, No Plateau, Survivors of the Kracken and Senior Discount among others (see a full lineup here), will play short sets at Fete from 8-11:30pm. 

"We really just want to kind of unite everyone we've played with, been friends with over the years, to have one night of togetherness, playing music, and kind of all facing this together."