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Discover Secret Providence

Author Rebecca Keister uncovers what makes Rhode Island so weird and wonderful in her latest book


In her newest book, Secret Providence: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure, author Rebecca Keister takes readers on an exciting and unexpected journey through some of the quirkiest local attractions, eyebrow-raising traditions and lesser known wonders of our state.

Though Rebecca independently authored the project, it was through the support and collective efforts of the statewide community that she was able to bring it to life. Her insider research and information came from “a lot of people talking over a lot of years,” she says. As a result, much of what you’ll find inside the pages of Secret Providence falls outside of what you might expect to see in a typical tourist’s guide (although Providence natives will likely be familiar with at least a handful of the most “quintessentially Rhode Island” features throughout the book.)

Whether you’re an adventurer, crafter, outdoorsman, history buff or foodie, Secret Providence offers great ideas for weekend entertainment and adventure, all while giving you the inside scoop that you may have otherwise missed. Secret Providence is available at Books on the Square, Barrington Books and Symposium Books.