Talking clothes and accessories with a stylish graphic designer


Tell me about yourself.
My design studio is Foxtrot Press & Studio. I’m on a mission to make the world a lovelier place through design.

Describe your style.
It’s funky – and a little bad ass. Think punk meets prepster.

Is there a signature part of your style?
I wear a lot of pom poms from It’s an accessory I always feel comfortable wearing. They can be a little intimidating for some, but I recommend grouping them and wearing more than one. It seems to dress them up a little bit. Also, if you’re not feeling like you want too much attention, go with a monochromatic look. Try a black cardigan with a black pom.

How does your design work inspire your look?
When I’m working with various patterns for my stationery line, I find myself always gravitating toward similar patterns in my wardrobe. I’ll start to use a lot of stripes in my work, and will find myself wearing stripes. But it works both ways. I can be really inspired to work with polka dots right after I happen to wear a polka dot shirt.

How does living and working in Providence inspire you?
I love the hustle and bustle of the city. I find inspiration easily – just by walking around downtown. There is so much creativity here and it makes me feel more confident to wear things that may be considered kooky or crazy. With a city this artistic, it naturally brings out the individuality in me.

What is one thing you wear that instantly makes me you feel more confident?
This green and blue skirt!

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