Embracing Personal Style

The woman behind Larkin and Larkin jewelry reflects on her unique style


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live in Smith Hill in Providence. I have lived here for two years. Before that, I lived in Atlanta for 10. I make jewelry full time for my own company, Larkin and Larkin.

Can you describe the jewelry you design?
I source all of my materials locally. I use mostly vintage supplies and raw earth: natural minerals and stones. I’m primarily influenced ascetically by the ‘70s and tribal African culture.

How would you describe your style?
On a regular day, somewhere between ‘90s riot girl and lesbian nerd. If I’m actually getting “dressed” then it’s influenced by the ‘70s and tribal African culture. I tend to dress really plainly. I have been buying only second hand clothing my whole adult life. That influences my style too. What I have access to, and what I can source kind of just becomes the outfit.

You design such beautiful, big statement pieces that some people find intimidating to wear. How do you confidently wear state- ment jewelry?
I would say, in all things in life, don’t succumb to the fear. Especially in fashion. Don’t be afraid of what people think. If they’re looking at you, it’s probably because they’re jealous.

Are there any style tips you’d like to share?
Wear anything you can wear while standing up straight and with confidence. Standing up straight, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. My second style tip is to invest in ponchos. They forgive all of the crimes happening beneath them. I have like seven.

What’s one thing that you wear that instantly makes you feel more confident?
Big hair.

How does living in Providence inspire you?
I just completely fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Providence is oozing with cosmic and historical juices that are inspiring. I see it as this amazing, romantic, decayed, still vibrant, living entity of a town. I really love this place.