Easy Rider

The city’s new no-fuss bike share program is an urban commuter’s dream


Just in time for cool, autumn rides – and the return of our out-of-town college population – the city launched its bike share program. These rides are hard to miss; big basket, bright red, locked up to bike racks, and swarming the streets by the hundreds.

A partnership between the CIty of Providence, Lifespan, Tufts Health Plan, and Uber-owned JUMP Bikes, the fleet of 400 electric-assisted bikes make a lot of sense in a city like ours. Concerned about all those hills? That “electric assist” is no joke; as soon as you put pressure on the pedals it kicks in, making hills a breeze. Need a place for that nitro brew iced coffee? The roomy basket on the handlebars has a cup holder. Our favorite thing about these new bikes? The fact that we’re constantly seeing people using them. It warms our little tree-hugging hearts.

Snagging a bike is easy – it all happens though the Uber or JUMP Bike apps, which also let you know where the closest available bike is. Rides are affordable ($2 for 30 minutes) with monthly and low-income plans available. Once you’ve got one, you just ride it to where you’re going and that’s basically it. No need to worry about returning it to one of the dedicated bike racks. As long as you’re within the program’s coverage area, just secure it where you can for someone else to use. We’ve all officially run out of excuses to drive across town.