East Providence Yacht Club vs. The Merrill Lounge

Vote in the comments and decide which dive bar will move on to the next round of Dive Bar Madness!


East Providence Yacht Club

9 Pier Road, East Providence

Port? Starboard? Doesn’t matter at the East Providence Yacht Club. Drop anchor on either side of this amazing place that overlooks the majestic Providence River. Grab a spot on the outdoor patio or saunter back inside to a function room that had a fierce poker game going on when we popped in; but always be nice and heed the “No Foul Language” sign on display. 9 Pier Road, East Providence

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: The captain statue watching over the proceedings. You might even catch him rocking out to live outdoor music in the summertime. 

The Merrill Lounge

535 N Broadway, East Providence

Broadway Lounge? The Merrill? It doesn’t matter what you call the place, it’s all flawless. Classic wood paneling, stationary diner-style rotating stools around the bar, butterball shots. They have it all. Toss one back while overlooking the live music you might catch in their banquet style side room. 535 N Broadway, East Providence

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: A table-style Pac-Man videogame, and a prize-loaded claw machine.