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Dynamic Duo

An unexpected pairing between KNEAD Doughnuts and Proclamation Ale yields a sweet surprise


When KNEAD Doughnuts and Proclamation Ale paired up for 2 Legit 2 Frit, the result was a one-of-a-kind boozy treat: an ale brewed with raspberries, raspberry fritters, vanilla, and lactose.

The creative union started when KNEAD’s Adam Lastrina approached Proclamation Ale Company’s Dave Witham, with whom he’d worked about 12 years ago. Lastrina had been encouraged to pursue a partnership with a brewery, which, due to their usual lack of kitchens, often host food trucks or vendors. The two entrepreneurs started with a simple idea – for KNEAD to pitch a tent and sell donuts one weekend. But this concept quickly snowballed into what Lastrina jokes was a “trifecta.”

First came the donut-inspired beer, an ale brewed with KNEAD’s signature raspberry fritters. “We knew we wanted to use the word ‘fritter’ in the name,” says Lastrina. When Witman’s wife, Lori, was listening to MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit”, the name just fell into place. Once the beer debuted in early September, the delicious and dynamic duo continued their tasty endeavors with a small market at the annual Ocean State Beer Fest, where KNEAD sold a special, beer-inspired donut made with spent grain flour and a glaze using Proclamation’s Salted Caramel Imperial Stout.

The reception has been, to say the least, pretty sweet. “[Customers] have been psyched,” Lastrina divulges. By early October, the limited-run beer was already nearly sold out, leaving both donut and beer lovers begging for more. However, while your chance to taste this unique fritter-ale concoction might have passed, Lastrina is optimistic that this sort of match-up will not be the last: “It was fun, and we hope to do it again.” KNEAD will pop up at Proclamation Ale on November 4 and 18.