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Talking about taming your curls with Richard Latorella of Jon Richard Salon


Richard Latorella of Jon Richard Salon has been doing hair for over 20 years. He started his salon training in Boston at John Dellaria Pyrametrics and then Vidal Sassoon. Throughout his training he learning the Sahag Dry Cutting method, a multi-step process where the hair is straightened, cut, then washed. Since then, he’s developed an affinity for curly hair, and became certified in the Ouidad cutting method, the Deva Curl method and the Curlisto Diametrics method. What does all this mean? Richard knows curly hair, and he’s got tips and tricks for his curly-haired brothers and sisters.

Tell me about your hair.
I have wavy, thick hair and wear a classic men’s style. I keep the sides lean and the top longer so the hair will not have a round appearance. The mistake with most men’s haircuts is creating a round shape. I lean towards pomades for styling, specifically a product line called Muk.

Your niche is specializing in curly hair. Why focus on that?
I specialize in haircutting as a whole and wanted to be able to understand all different types of hair. There is a lack of help for people with curly hair. Beauty schools offer no training in curly hair and I felt there was a need for it.

I understand that you highlight Ouidad products. What makes them so special?
It is a line that is designed for all curl patterns. Curls require internal moisture and nutrients which Ouidad products provide. Ouidad products are only formulated with active botanicals, plant extracts and ingredients safe for absorption.

Is there one over-arching complaint that you find people with curly hair have?
Frizz. The only solution to taming frizz is moisture. Deep treatments that are heat activated to open the cuticle and infuse moisture are your best bet.

What are some must-have Ouidad products?
The most important thing is to find the right gel for your curl type. For loose curls, you have options: you can use a climate controlling gel or opt for a beachy look with a sea salt spray. Tighter, kinkier curls require moisture gels and styling products.

Talk to me about how dryness affects curly hair and what can be done.
Every person with curly hair should be on a treatment regimen such as hot oils or deep conditioning masks. Although every head of hair is different, curly hair is naturally dry. It is important to seek help from a specialist to prescribe the right shampoos and conditioners for you. Shampoos for curly hair must be cleansing as well as moisturizing.

Many curly-haired folks want to straighten their hair, but don’t want to damage it. What’s the best way to protect hair from heat from styling?
Always use products with a thermal protectant in it. The temperature you will use varies according to curl texture – the coarser the hair the higher the degree. Any product will do as long as it provides heat protection.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to curly-haired folks?
See a curl specialist so they can guide you towards the right products and treatments for your hair. The foundation for a beautiful curly style is the shape and cut. Achieving great curly hair starts with assessing the individual curl pattern and ultimately the right cut.

Aside from being a curl expert, what else can be enjoyed at John Richard Salon?
We specialize in color and haircuts with our team being made up of American board certified hair colorists, curly specialists, estheticians, nail technicians and lash technicians. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with all beauty trends, while never compromising the integrity of the hair.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?
I will be opening two new locations this upcoming year, one in Newport at 38 Bellevue Avenue the other in Providence at 100 Exchange Street in Waterplace Park.

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