Downtown Art

A Providence landmark immortalized in photos


Could you imagine taking the same picture of the same person, place or thing everyday for one whole year? Undoubtedly you would see change. Imagine seeing these changes and feeling like you actually witnessed them occurring over time. That is exactly what Providence artist Peter Green intended in his 111 Photographs of 111 Westminster Street. Green took 111 pictures of the downtown building throughout 2011 and compiled them to make one huge picture containing all of the little pictures. Think of the world’s coolest Instagram collage. Each shot portrays the building in different lights, weather, and times of day, but what is most remarkable is how each photo truly displays its own unique identity while portraying one of the city’s most well-known buildings. Go to his website for more information on the artist and this superstitious sounding exhibit or to purchase the 20” x 28” poster for $20.