Dining A La Playa

Walrus and Carpenter’s elegant farm dinners serve up a local gourmet experience


Rhode Islanders know that they have access to some of the freshest seafood in New England. But, what if you could experience that seafood (oysters, clams, mussels, local whole fish) on a sandbar just feet away from where it was harvested? Better yet, what if the people preparing the food were renowned chefs Andrew McQuesten and James Mark? At Walrus and Carpenter Oysters farm dinners, you can do just that. Dinners are served on a long table with crisp white linens right on the beach, and the food is prepared in a tent nearby. Dylan Block-Harley, director of operations for Walrus and Carpenter, says that these dinners also serve another purpose: to make people aware of the local food scene here in the state. “This is our small effort to turn the tide on the current reality that less than five percent of food consumed in Rhode Island is produced locally,” he says. During your dinner, you’ll find produce sourced from Arcadian Fields, White Bean Farm, Scratch Farm, and Sweet and Salty Farm, among other purveyors from the state. Diners will also get a chance to chat with the farmers because they, too, will get a seat at the table.

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