The Look

Claudia Curl

Stylist and salon owner Claudia Curl on making a statement and the neighborhood she loves


"I’m a hairstylist, so being comfortable is a priority, but I try to have fun with fashion because the salon is also my stage. I like to change up my look, whether it is with clothing, a pair of shoes, or my hair. It is an expression of who I am or who I’d like to be. I would say my personal style is a street vibe that is fun, fearless, colorful, and unapologetic.

My main accessories are my tattoos (I have many). I love to wear dresses and prefer my hair blown out or curled. A statement piece of jewelry is a must. Like your hair, it will make an outfit complete. It’s also a conversation starter and makes you sparkle and shine. Since I work with my hands, I tend to wear earrings and necklaces the most. I love big hoop earrings and one-of-a-kind pieces. One of my favorite local jewelry designers is Above/Below jewelry.

When I travel to big cities, I always make sure to shop. I buy pieces that I can’t find at home and choose ones that scream out but are also classic. Cheetah print is always a go-to for me. And if I see something I really like I might buy two of them. When I shop, I look online, but as an independent business owner I try and support local boutiques. I love Queen of Hearts and J Marcel.

I opened up my salon in 2003 and have been in the neighborhood since 1999. My husband and I found Hope Street as a location for our businesses, and to me it’s one of the best neighborhoods in the city. I’ve learned so much from all the beautiful heads that have sat in my chair at the salon. There is something about making people look and feel good inside and out that is so satisfying. The young kids keep me on my toes and the wise humble me."