The Look

Classy Street Style

Drew Schoettler on neutrals and the one item you will never find him wearing in the summertime


"I definitely lean towards LA street style, with lots of basic layers, bombers, long cardigans, distressed bottoms, and joggers. I tend to stay away from heavy graphic pieces and stick to neutral colors. I feel most comfortable wearing all black and add pops of color in either accessories or shoes.

I look for pieces I can wear with more than one outfit and in multiple seasons. Since I prefer neutrals, my color schemes are usually all the same – brown, tan, white, black, darker green, and navy. I do not like to stand out with color, but for someone to look at my outfit and comment based on my choice of threads. The comments I receive can be comical at times – things like, “You have enough zippers?” or “Aren’t you hot? You’re wearing, like, five layers.”
For work, I stick with trendy pieces or take a traditional shirt-and-tie outfit and add something a little more interesting. Sometimes I wear a monkey suit if need be, but luckily in advertising most clients understand how uncomfortable those get with us creative types.

I like to shop at stores such as H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 (yes, men’s Forever 21 has some gems here and there), but I do lots of online shopping from retailers outside of the state, [including] shops in Portland and Los Angeles, and a few European ones. New England weather has drastically changed my style since I lived in Los Angeles for four years. I do enjoy the cold, though, because I can put together interesting outfits, combining street style with touches of class. I keep everything in layers – nothing too big and bulky. When the weather warms up, you will never see me wearing shorts. Short sleeves? Sure. Fewer layers? Sure."