City Life

Book Depots Around Providence

These little book depots are places to leave, or take, a book in Providence.


There’s a 50/50 chance that when I go to my favorite coffee shop, I forget to bring a book. Granted, there’s always something to read at the cafe, including a handy stack of free regional lifestyle publications (wink wink), but when I want to be that guy and hog the good seat by the window for a couple of hours, I want to do it with my nose deep in a book. Consider this your coffee reading time Plan B.

Scattered around the city are a bunch of take-a-book-leave-a-book depositories. Off of Wickenden there are two just around the corner from The Shop, on East and Governor streets, making them perfect for grabbing a last minute read. Some are part of a global network of Little Free Libraries, but all of them are united in the shared philosophy that books are cool and there should be stacks of them just around for people to take.

That’s a philosophy I can get behind. I love my books, but I’d be lying if I said I needed to keep all of them. Favorites, copies signed by authors, something I know I’m going to read again, of course I’ll keep. But the rest are fond memories that add up quick and make moving a real pain in the ass. So slowly I’ve started to unload, dropping off a Zombie Survival Guide here and a copy of Ready Player One there, giving the books I’ve been selfishly hoarding a chance to enrich, enrage and inspire new readers. I didn’t take any this time around. I should probably clear some more room on the shelf first.