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Big King Opens But Remains Mysterious

Check out the secret little eatery that's big on local flavor


When you type the Big King URL into your address bar, you find an ambiguous website: the words “Big King,” an email address, and the description of “a small weird restaurant at 3 Luongo Square in Providence Rhode Island.” There’s one link to reserve a table, and one that simply states, “questions? answered. Maybe.”

This is what we know for sure: James Mark moved his restaurant, north, into the Dean Hotel in downtown Providence. He then converted the original location into a place called Big King. Beyond that, Mark’s second restaurant is shrouded in mystery.

Before trying a new restaurant, some people out there might prefer the safety of a specific, guaranteed option they know they’ll enjoy. Some other, more adventurous eaters might prefer the general description and will be excited by the idea that a chef is going to choose the menu based on the best locally sourced food available at the moment, night after night. This is one of the many ways that Big King purposely creates an aesthetic that’s been crafted for intelligent, experienced diners.

Big King features subtle, Japanese-inspired dishes, which feel perfectly at home amongst the muted lighting and laidback aura – and there’s sake as far as the eye can see. But eliminating an ever-present online menu may entice the bold and hungry. When it comes to Big King, don’t ask too many questions. Just go. 3 Luongo Square