At Home

Beauty In Found Objects

At home in Armory District


About the Homeowners
Kari Lang and John Morra live in a renovated Victorian cottage on the West Side. Kari is executive director of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association, and John is an arborist for the City of Providence.

About the Home
Kari: "The house was built in 1872, and was originally a carriage house for the house that stood in our front yard. We just got our Providence Preservation Society plaque yesterday. I have my Masters in historic preservation and I did my thesis on this house as I was buying it."

1-3: My father in law gave us the parlor stove, copper fire extinguisher and birdcage. We all love found objects. I love beautiful, useful ones the most.

4 & 5: My husband did the painting on the left, of Providence, and my father did the one on the right, of Block Island. I’m trying to get every artist in my family to do a rendition of my house. I have two so far.

6. The base of this table is from an old Singer sewing machine that was in the basement when we got the house. My husband made it into a table as a gift for me.

7. My parents found that wooden object on Dory’s Cove Beach on Block Island. We think it’s a figurehead from a boat.