Artéé Home Brings a Local Touch to Providence Place Mall

Travel to India without leaving Rhode Island at Artéé Home


About a month ago I was walking through Providence Place Mall and noticed new signage over what used to be Crate & Barrel. I tried to guess what Artéé Home might be. The European version of Pier One? A store for replica fine art hangings? The idea that it may be a locally owned independent business, however, never once crossed my mind. In a place like the mall where we’re used to seeing old staples like the Gap and Macy’s (read: billion dollar corporations) it’s refreshing to see a local, small business up and running amongst the big boys.

To be fair, calling this place a “small” business is a bit misleading. Artéé Home, owned by Shekhar and Arti Mehta, is an offshoot of Artéé Fabrics & Home, located on Main Street in Pawtucket, as well as their many other locations in Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Las Vegas. There is also an online ecommerce shop as well, but there’s nothing like entering the store to explore all the beautiful colors and textures of Artéé Home’s fabric selection.

When you walk into the space, located on the first floor of the mall on the Macy’s side, there’s a clothing section to the right, and fabrics and furniture to the left. My absolute favorite part about visiting the store is all of the giant spools of fabric available to peruse. From neutrals to bold colors; gold-laced patterns to flat matte; smooth suede to classic wool, you could spend hours taking in all the gorgeous textures and patterns.

If you’re looking for a new couch, bed or armchair but the old standby furniture shops don’t have quite what you’re looking for, Artéé’s got you. Almost anything is possible here as all of the pieces are infinitely customizable from the trim and fabric down to decorative touches, like custom embroidery. (They can even reupholster that vintage chair you have sitting in your attic that has maybe seen some better days.) While you’re at the store, don’t just stop at furniture, either. You can tie your whole room together – or the whole house if you’re really feeling that HGTV vibe – with custom bedding, throw pillows, window shades and curtains.

What really sets Artéé Home apart from its sister stores is the clothing section. On the right side of the store you will find brands of clothing and handbags that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Providence. They carry goods imported from India, and brands such as Saatchi, Savi Resort and Bent & Bree. Savi Resort, one of the most prominently displayed brands, carries all handmade resort wear for women. Savi chooses one item to feature at a time, and gives 100% of profits from that item to a charitable organization. Bent & Bree, of which Artéé also boasts a large selection of products, makes their handbags, accessories and other items from cork, one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It’s clear to see from the selection that the Mehta’s have an appreciation for brands that carry quality products and have a conscious edge. It’s a refreshing change for mall shopping.

Artéé Home
1 Providence Place