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An Art Exhibit With Guts Makes its Providence Debut

The world renown Body Worlds gives us an inside look at ourselves


Body Worlds Vital is an immersive, multimedia experience that celebrates the potential of the human body while promoting healthy lifestyle changes. The exhibition – on display at the Providence Museum Gallery at The Rhode Island Convention Center from June 30 through January – features real human bodies, including 200 specimens and 13 complete plastinated bodies, which stem primarily from a body donation program managed by the Institute for Plastination with a roster of more than 14,000 donors.
The bodies on display are preserved through the groundbreaking science of plastination invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Bodily fluids and fat are extracted then replaced with plastic, allowing visitors to see the inside of the human body up close and personal, and learn how their bodies work.

The bodies are examined through displays of distress and disease, while offering inspirational insights about the body’s virtuosity and resilience. Visitors will see first-hand how lifestyle choices affect their bodies with side-by-side comparisons of healthy organs to lungs diseased from smoking and a liver damaged by alcoholism.

Body Worlds Vital
Providence Museum Gallery at The Rhode Island Convention Center
One Sabin Street