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A Street Level Perspective

Explore Providence on foot when Jane’s Walk returns May 4-6


Providence is many wonderful things, but it’s not a city where people’s preferred mode of transportation is by foot. From May 4-6, Jane’s Walk gives you a chance to ditch your car and experience the city’s neighborhoods in a different way, through walking tours. The global festival, which had 225 cities participating last year, is based on the ideas of urbanist Jane Jacobs, who championed the idea of including the opinions of everyday people in urban planning.

“Part of what’s really special about Jane’s Walk is that it’s not a lecture, it’s a walking conversation,” says Providence organizer Joelle Kanter. Walks will happen through popular walking spots like Roger Williams Park, the 195 parcels and waterfront, North Burial Ground and College Hill, and some places that might not be on your daily commute, like South Broad Street, Fields Point, and the Pond Street area from Cathedral Square to Hoyle Square. Walk leaders encourage everyone to talk and contribute their knowledge to the discussion. “We have a conversation about things we see every day but maybe don’t notice, and you hear what other people have to say about them,” Kanter says. “It takes on a life of its own depending on who participates. You’ll never do the same walk twice.”