Judging Food by its Cover

The Discussion of GMO Labeling Comes to RI


On February 9 the Providence State House will echo with cries for transparency in the food industry. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are permeating our food and there is a nationwide push for labeling and packaging to show its stuff.

Right to Know RI is hosting a GMO Awareness Day and Press Conference at the State House starting at 3:30 pm and looks to call attention to this controversial lack of labeling. Succinctly stated on the organization’s website, “We are Rhode Islanders and we’re advocating for our fundamental right to know if our food contains genetically modified organisms.”

Our li’l Rhody is joining the worldwide discussion. More than 60 countries around the world have labeling laws, significant restrictions and even outright bans on GMOs. In the United States 70-80% of all our conventionally processed foods contain these modifiers in order to obtain the desired traits most appealing to consumers.

The discussion of labeling these customized foods is quickly gaining traction. Right to Know is bringing our community together and calling them to act. They believe our neighbors deserve to have the opportunity to make an informed choice about the food they are eating and feeding to their families. GMO Awareness Day is a time for Rhode Islanders to reflect on transparency and the people’s rights in this ever-changing food industry.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is throwing their weight behind labeling transparency. Their website proudly declares, “We support mandatory GMO labeling.” GMO Awareness Day will host free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and you may even get to meet Jerry himself. There will also be organic food samples from local providers and plenty of time for conversation. Right to Know encourages meeting with legislators to discuss the importance of GMO labeling in Rhode Island.

For more information visit their website or Right to Know RI’s event GMO Awareness Day at the State House event on Facebook